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USS Crazy HorseUSS Crazy Horse
Welcome to the Central Library of the USS Crazy Horse an award winning Play-By-Post Role-Playing Game. Feel free to peruse our Library which currently has 445 articles.

Sep 20

The USS Crazy Horse is an Insignia Class cruiser modified for a variety of roles within the Beta Quadrant. I am Captain Khiy Kanryth, Commanding Officer of the USS Crazy Horse and a former Starfleet Intelligence operative- it’s a long story so I’ll save it for later. My Executive Officer is Commander Zivit Agron, she used to be the Commanding Officer but is now my XO- another long story, for later. We have our disagreements but I wouldn't trade her for all the gold pressed latinum on Ferenginar. Hopefully we’ll find some new and exciting things, but between us, I wouldn’t mind a few skirmishes here and there.

This is a comprehensive website for the USS Crazy Horse, her journeys, and her crew. You can also find lists and references of both major and minor characters that make appearances on the Crazy Horse. There are also species references, planets references, food and flora and fauna references, and any reference that is uncommon or unknown. Hopefully everyone, not just the crew of the USS Crazy Horse, will find our library resources helpful.

If you find that the Crazy Horse interests you, please feel free to join us, we're always looking for great writers. Go to our join page and apply today!

Crazy Horse Crew

USS Crazy HorseThe USS Crazy Horse

With a crew complement of around 500 personnel the USS Crazy Horse is filled with a mix of people from planets and cultures. This diverse crew is made up of about 415 enlisted officers with another 85 regular officers and a small contingent of Marines. Also, due to the varying nature of her duties she sometimes carries a small compliment of diplomatic personnel.

Recent Crew Additions: Chief Science Officer Mitsue Desai, Security Officer Aria Vesh, Chief Helm Officer Jin Rha-Yaleii

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Crazy Horse News

In Character News:

  • 241509.15 - The Romulan Praetor arrives on Earth; but the summit is shattered by a massive explosion before talks can begin. The Crazy Horse crew finds their worst suspicions confirmed - the stolen resin seems to have resurfaced.
  • 241508.09 - As the summit nears reports about stolen Trilithium resin from facilities around Earth surface. Meanwhile the crew of the Crazy Horse settles back aboard the ship and prepare to act as emcee for the Romulan delegation.

Out of Character News:

  • November 10th, 2015 - Now over 400 articles online!
  • August 9th, 2015 - Updated and pruned the Library.
  • April 18th, 2015 - Crazy Horse Library is online!

Current Plot: Coil of Darkness

Coil of Darkness (Plot)Coil of Darkness

Turmoil leads the Crazy Horse to the safety of Earth orbit. As engineering teams scurry to survey and repair the ship's damage the crew disembarks to Earth for rest and safety. After recent events Commander Zivit Agron is relieved of Command only to be replaced by a mysterious young Captain whose redacted personnel record coud fit on the palm of a hand.

Unbeknownst to the crew local events will soon grow to into a tempest as discord flows along the solar winds towards Earth. News arrives that the Romulan Praetor is headed to Earth for an important summit. Security teams hurry to make preparations while the Crazy Horse's new Captain is selected to play the role of host. Beneath the shadows things begin to stir- what wickedness follows in their midst?

Characters of Note: Alexander Hark, Nanthrissa zh'Raazh, Arrenhe t'Ahaefvthe, Shiarrael t`Rehu, Jolias Enor
Vessels of Note: USS Crazy Horse

Current Universe Storyline

The Federation has just been devastated and weakened by a short civil conflict. Resources are spread thin and Starfleet has had to consolidate both fleets and personnel. Member worlds concerned about the state of the Federation have started to slowly trickle away. A slow ebb of sickness has slowly begun enveloping the heart of democracy in the Alpha Quadrant and the time couldn't be worse. With a strengthened Empire the new Klingon Chancellor's territorial ambition has brought them into conflict with the Romulan Star Empire.

While the Romulans who have remained steadfast while the Klingons attack their border worlds are quickly losing patience. The new Romulan Praetor has decided that a summit with the new Federation leadership is imperative to offset the recent Klingon aggression. After long discussions and debates the Senate finally agrees to allow her to visit Earth.

USS Crazy Horse Characters

Kemaran bIng 'aj

NPCs (Non Player Characters) are a core of any simulation/RPG that wants to have a stable amount of depth. The USS Crazy Horse has a plethora of NPCs that interact with the crew on a daily basis (NPCs that are part of the crew). We also have NPCs that are geared towards developing situations and plots. I’ve split these NPCs into two groups: Major Characters who make several appearances and Minor Characters who only make short appearances at random intervals.

Also, the USS Crazy Horse often has people in UCIP who participate for a short time as a plot centric character. While they are not NPCs they are also not members of the USS Crazy Horse so they are listed under the Guest Category.

Game Resources

We have provided a plethora of resources from open archives (we're not scared to keep our email lists open so people can see our quality- if a game keeps theirs private...run!) We also provide a live chat applet as a means of communication or you can just visit us on IRC. The IRC server is irc.ucip.org and you will find us in the #crazylounge channel (though during the weekdays we usually don't appear until later in the afternoon pacific time).


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