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Khiy Kanryth
Rank: Commodore
Position: Commanding Officer
Race: Romulan
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 125 Lbs
Father: Classified
Mother: Morgana Kanryth (adopted)
Siblings: Chloris Kanryth (Sister)
Marital Status: Single

In 2382 the Naval Intelligence Division (Tal'Diann) of the Romulan military began conducting genetic experimentation to create a Romulan super soldier. Using genetic material stolen from prominent Romulan politicians and the eggs harvested from dead Romulan women they reconfigured the DNA strands to create stronger, faster, and smarter Rihannsu. For the most part the experimentation was a failure. Very few of the eggs actually became viable after modification and those that were viable resulted in specimens that were rife with genetic disorders.

There were a few promising specimens though. One of these promising specimens was Khiy. 5 years into his development the scientists were pleased to find that he was not only fast and agile but displaying extreme intelligence. However, as time passed they realized that his bone and his body structure appeared abnormal. His physical development was slower then that of average Rihannsu and he inhereted a bone condition that caused his bones to be brittle and weak resulting in low tolerance to blunt force.

Three days after the 6 year anniversary of his creation the Tal'Shiar, growing tired of the Tal'Diann ordered the experiments ended and all specimens destroyed. However, a scientist who grew fond of Khiy saved the boy deciding to raise Khiy as his own.



Khiy never had a true father; being born in a science facility on a distant planet was difficult. Ever since he was 5 he had been in battle training, never did he experience the things a true Rihannsu boy would have… training and intense education were his life. Even the scientist who saved him insisted on the intense regiment.

At the age of 9 however things changed. Facing financial hardship the scientist who rescue Khiy sold him to a wealthy Romulan senator. Dalorn tr'Rllaillieu accepted Khiy as a servant to his house and forced Khiy to adopt his own name. He had Khiy continue his combat training until he was of age (falsified) to join the Gai’Shian where he sent Khiy to serve his house in place of his own son for the Galae.

As a child Khiy was a very private person, keeping to himself and would follows orders accordingly. Disobedience was never an issue with him, he was conditioned to accept every and any “Reasonable” order from those above him. This conditioning led to conflicts within him and several older and more mature Galae officers, he was prone to constant injuries from being assaulted or bullied for being so small. Even so he would never strike another equal or superior unless ordered to do so, rendering virtually defenseless to abuse.

While by appearance and action he seemed like a ‘robot’ internally he was constantly conflicted, the pain of his past still lingered in him. The questions of his origins also haunted him, he has never known the true root of his existence, only names and more questions. Diehu tr'Rllaillieu and his son were very abusive towards Khiy; they appeared to derive immense pleasure from constantly beating or ordering Khiy to harm him-self.

Life in the Federation & Adoption By Morgana Kanryth

Khiy aged 14

Khiy was sent to Federation Space after it was discovered that he was truly related to Lessa t'Brennan. Arrenhe t'Ahaefvthe put Khiy into the care of a Starfleet Admiral Morgana Kanryth. Who would eventually become Khiy's guardian. Unexpectedly the Vice Admiral adopted Khiy (who was 13 at the time).

Taking the Admiral’s name as his own was a choice for Khiy. Unlike the name he received as a servant to Dalorn household this new name offered him a choice in life and a chance for freedom. It caused a major shift in his life; he began to slowly open up revealing a personality that had long been drowned away into the subconscious. It was also where he learned about a piece of his past, he was the younger brother of Lessa t’Brennan. After hearing the story about what Lessa did to Kanryth and Chloris, Khiy vowed to himself that he would protect Chloris until he died. It would be his duty.

After Chloris was injured and Admiral Morgana Kanryth finished her command of Dirae. Khiy went with them to the rehabilitation facility where he started his schooling while remaining at Chloris’ side. Later Khiy accompanied the Admiral and Chloris to Earth where he lived with them attending a private school until his acceptance into Starfleet Academy and Starfleet.

Post Academy

For the most part Khiy is still a very reclusive person, though he is not as drawn back as he once was. In Starfleet academy he excelled in tactical training, he might have become a security officer if it wasn’t for the fact that he also excelled as a pilot. If there was thing he always dreamed of being, it was a pilot and that was the path he chose in life.

After graduating the Academy Khiy found himself split from his family, but given new responsibilities aboard the USS Horizon as a member of their squadron. As a pilot Khiy’s natural agility gave him an edge and he never once failed to use his edge as an advantage; finally landing a position as Squadron Commander on the USS Auriga. However during a training exercise he disobeyed orders endangering himself. After a short invesitagtion he would be reprimanded and relieved of his duties aboard the USS Auriga.

After his assignment on the Auriga, Khiy found himself aboard Starbase Versailles and under the command of his adoptive mother, Morgana Kanryth. During his assignment on Versailles he would aid in a rescue mission deep into Romulan space to free Federation POWs being held illegally after the 2401 war.

Starfleet Intelligence

Realizing the value of Khiy's knowledge the Intelligence service recruited him into the ranks. Khiy spent several years becoming an intelligence analyst and translator on all matters Romulan. In 2407 he was assigned to the Yadalla Sector as an Intelligence Adviser and Analyst.

Discovering the Truth

Khiy relaxing a Kanryth Estate

In 2409 Khiy was informed by Admiral Cerywyn that his father (the male specimen used in his creation) was actually the Romulan Praetor, tr'AAnikh. He learned that the then Riov Argelian tr'Ahaefvthe and his sister Arrenhe t'Ahaefvthe had him sent to Morgana Kanryth for his protection after learning about his origins.

When the Praetor learned of this son he asked Khiy to visit him on Romulus. Khiy visited the Praetor and informed him that he did not consider Romulus to be his world. That he did not belong in Romulan society. During his stay he became entwined in an assassination attempt of the Praetor. Khiy was successful in preventing the Praetor's assassination however.

Return and Command of the Quantum Fury

When Khiy returned to Versailles he greeted with acclaim for his actions to protect the Romulan Praetor (who had a favorable stance towards Starfleet and the Federation) it was during this time that he was offered command of a mission to meet up with the USS Charon deep past Romulan space. He reluctantly accepted and was given a promotion to acting commander of the USS Quantum Fury. Part of his mission was to observe Shiarrael t`Rehu and report back to Admiral Cerywyn.

Command of the USS Crazy Horse

Medical Information

Physical Condition

Physically Khiy is weaker then most Romulans,he is only marginally stronger then the average human. His reflexes, speed, agility, and primary senses on the other hand are far more then that of most Romulans. He can out run any Romulan; his fighting technique is more or less one of aversion… He avoids being hit by using his quick reflexes while also using a blunt or serrated object to inflict harmful trauma on his adversary.


Khiy's body is riddled with many fractures. Most occured when he was younger and not receiving treatment for his degenerative bone condition. When ever he has a hard fall or delivers are hard blow he runs the possibility of fracturing a bone. However, because of treatment by Commander Kelcy his bone structure has been strengthened to a point where he does not have to be concerned about every little incident.

He also has many scars, even after treatment, from the injuries he suffered while a slave.

Osteogenesis imperfecta

Khiy has a degenerative bone condition that results in brittle and porous bones that are easily fractured. Although it is not entirely the same as the human condition Osteogenesis imperfecta many of the symptoms are similar. He retrieves regular medication and treatments to help strengthen his bone structure to prevent fracturing.


When it comes to his responsibilities in Starfleet Khiy is a very serious person. Some say that the Admiral’s prude nature rubbed off him, but in reality he had always been a serious person. Socially Khiy is more open then he ever was, however to say he comfortable in social situations would be a lie.

  • Note: Only a few people know about Khiy's full history. Admiral Cerywyn, Admiral Kanryth, Vice Admiral Jolias Enor, Rear Admiral Paul Conway, Ambassador Arrenhe t'Ahaefvthe, Galae EnRiov tr'Verelan, Praetor tr'AAnikh. This is the short list of people who know the truth.
  • Notes on Talia t`Mehlek: Talia t`Mehlek was wed to D`haren tr`Mehlek, of which they had two children Nvied tr’Mehlok and Lessa t’Mehlok. During a political struggle a wealthy Rihannsu senator by the name of tr’Brennan took her daughter Lessa t’Mehlok as his own, killing Talia t’Mehlok in the process along with her son and husband.

Khiy Kanryth's UCIP Database File

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