Coil of Darkness (Plot)

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Plot Details
"Coil of Darkness"
Time Period: 241503.13 - Ongoing
Involved Ships: USS Crazy Horse
Involved Planets: Earth
Previous Plot: Memento Vivere
Succeeding Plot: Unknown

Turmoil leads the Crazy Horse to the safety of Earth orbit. As engineering teams scurry to survey and repair the ship's damage the crew disembarks to Earth for rest and safety. After recent events Commander Zivit Agron is relieved of Command only to be replaced by a mysterious young Captain whose redacted personnel record could fit on the palm of a hand.

Unbeknownst to the crew local events will soon grow to into a tempest as discord flows along the solar winds towards Earth. News arrives that the Romulan Praetor is headed to Earth for an important summit. Security teams hurry to make preparations while the Crazy Horse's new Captain is selected to play the role of host. Beneath the shadows things begin to stir- what wickedness follows in their midst?

Character(s) of Note

Vessel(s) of Note

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Memorable Quotes

SD241503.12 - SD241506.08 | New Captain, New Mission, New Intrigue

  • “Welcome aboard the USS Crazy Horse. I’m Lieutenant Nitka Zar the Assistant Chief Engineer and as you can see…we ran out of duct tape…”

(Nitka Zar – every engineer’s worst nightmare in one sentence)

  • “Spacedock is going to love this report. Everything on it starts with unknown, unavailable, malfunction, or due to the lack of power…”

(Alexander Canaris – well, at least it’s consistent)

  • “Aided Vulcan? I saved my honor, nothing more. I know very little of the new Federation President. Our meeting was brief and my only impression was that he was a Vulcan.”

(Shia – still the queen of understatement. Somewhere on that planet an eyebrow is climbing right now.)

  • “I anticipate it will be something of an adventure, Captain.”

(Zivit Agron – While we’re on the subject of understatement …)

  • “The Federation will hold a summit with the Star Empire.”

(President Sa’vak – in non-Vulcan Standard: Batten down the hatches, kids)

  • “You don’t listen very well do you?”

(Unknown would-be assassin to Alex Canaris – he’s working on it. Probably. Maybe.)

  • “I am not particularly excited about the prospect of fighting a feral hog…if they are anything like a Tellarite I am sure their personality will be less than pleasant.”

(Khiy Kanryth – well, they argue less)

SD241506.09 - SD241509.10 | Not So Calm Before The Coming Storm

  • “There is a door chime.”

“Oh come now Captain you know you missed me. And well- you know how I always love to play ‘find the passcode’.”

(Khiy and Onarin Kaen – at least he didn’t bring cake)

  • “Suddenly having a child appear is not exactly the general way these things work.”

(Zivit Agron – but then, in Starfleet ‘weird’ is part of the job)

  • “Instead of the summit perhaps I should lead a war fleet straight to Qo’nos and whip that imbecilic Chancellor of theirs.”

(Praetor Arrenhe t'Ahaefvthe – just remember to *not* throw any heavy objects while you’re at it)

  • “I’m innocent. It was that overgrown gecko that started it!”

(Nitka Zar – a night at the bar Gorn wrong)

  • “Fascinating. If only certain delegates and dignitaries were modular as well. There are a number of them that could do with a different brain, a new mouth, different hair styles. You should see some of the fashion disasters one must endure as a diplomat.”

(Ian Lamont – that’s what the hazard pay is for)

  • “I hope we are well?”

“I was well.”

(Shia and Khiy – ah a world of things unspoken…)

  • “There was no way for me to know that slapping the ambassadors...”

(Vene – gunboat diplomacy El-Aurian style?)

  • “Ambassador. What an unpleasant surprise. How are you not in a jail cell somewhere?”

“One could ask the same of you EnRiov”

(Shia and Ian – because there’s no brig like Charon’s brig?)

  • “I am more than happy to escort you, if you wish to see what it is you have gotten in to.”

(Zivit Agron and Mitsue Desai – so she can’t run straight back to Arizona?)

  • “Oh, and Canaris. In the future, perhaps you should not be so keen to accept rides from strangers...”

(Zivit Agron and Alex Canaris – but what if they have candy? Or booze?)

  • “Who wouldn't want to go spending 90 years or so cliff diving on every planet they could find”

(Lt Vene – well, yon Captain would be toppin’ that list)

  • “Maybe I just need to assign you a counselor with security clearance if it keeps you from barging into my office in the middle of the night!”

“Only if she’s cute.”

(Admiral Valtren and Tav Ramius – I think that can be arranged)

  • “Let me be as basic as possible. Romulan fleet. Romulan ships. Romulans in Earth orbit. Important Romulans on Earth. What part of that doesn’t scream Red Alert?”

(Captain Taverain Ramius – you forgot the Romulan Ale. Seriously, that one’s the worst.)

  • “You wouldn’t have anything bigger? I’m afraid he ate the last kitty toy I bought him.”

“He ate the Tarcassian Razorbeast tritanium swizzler? Then might I suggest an armored assault vehicle?”

(Jin Rha-Yaleii at the pet store - adventures of shopping for Cat)

SD241509.14 - SD241510.16 | When the Bough Breaks

  • “Indeed. Hopefully they have a ventilated washroom. The Ael’Riov has a poor constitution for overly stressful situations.”

(Shiarrael - llhrei'sian, the diplomat's nightmare?)

  • “I think she likes you, Kanryth. I’d congratulate you, but perhaps I should rather give you a refresher course on close combat procedures and survival tactics.”

(Tholev th’Vorothishria and Khiy - and don't forget to bring a towel!)

  • "I need someone to bounce ideas off on how to track a untraceable material."

(Mitsue Desai - Starfleet: making the impossible possible since Zefram Cochrane)

  • “The computer shows it right here Captain. I don’t know why you have your boxers in a…”

(Never you mind Alex's skivvies, crewman. At least *they* are not misplaced)

  • Khiy had to wonder if Rear Admiral Sanchez really thought the Praetor was only a good piece of ass.

(Khiy Kanryth - people who sit atop Hortas shouldn't throw... never mind. Carry on.)

  • “Did you have someone in mind, Nanthrissa? Under the circumstances, I’d much like a level-headed person, not a space-cowboy shooting up the barn so to speak.”

(Admiral Hu’Yanatreii & Admiral Nanthrissa zh'Raazh - Khiy the Ice-Prince to the rescue!)

  • “One thousand three hundred twelve, three hundred thirteen, …what?”

“You know this is the fifth time you’ve counted my spots?”

(Jin Rha-Yaleii and Rafi - one can never be too thorough!)

  • "I've never been told I was the forgettable type, so I'll blame that second question on the blast."

(Aria Vesh - not that she isn't an explosive personality herself)

  • “Thank you for that ray of sunshine Lieutenant.”

(Onarin Kaen - warbirds do not dampen dapper Cardassian spirits!)

  • “Llhei, are you aware you are on board a vessel of the Rihannsu Star Empire and-”

“Why yes of course. It’s rather difficult to miss the birds with their little balls.”

(Lwanissa Tyrax and a luckless Rei`Krannha - Speak softly and bring a Betazoid)

  • "We have more questions than answers, and I would much like to reverse the situation."

(Zivit Agron - don't we all ...)

  • “Why is the rum always gone?”

(Jin Rha-Yaleii - another person seeking to reverse a situation. QED.)

  • She couldn’t recall a more bizarre situation over the course of her nine lives. Er, well there was a time when Vebral tried to bed a Tyridian feline in a drunken stupor. That ended painfully with ten stitches where stiches shouldn’t go…at least reattachment surgery wasn’t needed. Though it was never quite same after that…

(Nitka Zar - well yes, biting a Gorn and irritating midget Captains pales next to that)

  • “I do apologize, but my daughter is … yes, of course. Listen, I have chocolate cake in the … I’ll make sure to give her the letter. No I don’t know when … oh, Four Deities. Son, have you ever considered just asking her out? She’s not going to lop your head off. Probably. What? Yes, you’re welcome. And prosper.”

(Rel Tyrax - chocolate and romance the Vulcan way?)

  • Head held high, the Valzhan would have looked down her nose, had she had one.

(Zivit Agron - begging the question: how do Valzahns sneeze? And do I want to know?)

  • “I find myself reconsidering the option of rishtik shrubs. Speak plainly, will you?”

(Sakarra and Sovar - no throwing V'Shar agents into the shrubbery before dinner, please.)

  • “Kharn wants cheesecake!”

(Kharn the Undying - at least someone's got their priorities straight)

  • “I don’t make it a habit to pick fights with the Admiralty sir. It’s bad for my health.”

(Sebastian Ascari - your liver will thank you I'm sure)

SD241510.17 - ongoing | Picking up the Pieces

  • “Are you familiar with the spacedock detention facility sir?”

“I’ve spent a few nights here in the past – yes”

(Tav Ramius - that might explain the frosty reception...)

  • “But you still haven’t told me what Jin is charged with. Look, I’ll give you a character reference or stand bail if you-”

“No need. Shergar already gave me the former and as for the latter, there’ll be many a one who would, old Durkin top of the list. Ossified as he was. But yer wan isna charged wit anything. She just needed a place to get out o the rain and some scratches patched up. The horse woulda been miffed at me if I’d a dumped her at a hotel.”

“The horse.”


“And Mr. Ossified Durkin.”

“The very same.”

“Toto, I don’t think I’m in Paris any more.”

(No, Rafi, you're in Ireland. Have a drink.)

  • “Have we any news of the Rihannsu Fleet which the Agency has … misplaced?”

(V'Les and other pointy ears - Top drawer, next to the socks)

  • "Commodore and Captain now, Batul."


(Zivit Agron and Kishar Batul - just wait til they make Khiy an Admiral)

  • “Lai, my friend, if Senator tr’Verelan calls we are having communication issues. Some poor hnoiyika has entangled itself in the equipment.”

(Shia - damn hnoiyika. What can you do?)

  • “Spacedock, I still have an umbilical on my nose. You might want to … no, slowing down is not an option at the moment. I know that look on Ducky’s face. What? No, we’re authorized alright. There we go. Merci.”

(Jin Rha-Yaleii - cranky Romulan Captain plus playful Efrosian for speedy departures make?)

  • “You’re not the Tyrax I was looking for.”

(Shiarrael t`Rehu - use the Force, Shia?)

  • “Well, unless you’re hiding a Seleya-trained adept somewhere under your uniform – which they’d hardly stand for I imagine, but then you never know...”

(Lwanissa Tyrax and Imin - not that The Praetor would be surprised by anything at this point I imagine)

  • As it was, the Admiral’s face displayed the serene yet faintly incredulous aura of the Alps while trumpeting Carthaginian elephants ski down the slopes.

(T'Evora and Jolias Enor - a Vulcan and a Trill walk into a palace...)

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